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1305 S. Brazos St.
San Antonio, TX 78207

Our Services

World-class short-term or longer-term cold storage services.

General non-frozen and non-refrigerated warehousing.

Cross dock transportation services so you can mix and combine loads as needed.

Simplifying your supply chain while saving time and reducing costs.

Fresh produce blasting for better food integrity and freshness based on FDA and USDA guidelines.

Reliable pick and pack services designed for shippers looking to combine pallets or shipping less than a full pallet.

We can Increase or decrease the temperature of your products at your schedule so products are shipped

E-commerce fulfillment for your website & popular selling platforms like Shopify, Amazon & more.

Keep your food products moving.


Our facility is strategically located close to all the major logistic hubs in San Antonio.


Whatever the move, whatever the mode, you can rely on us to get your food products where they need to be safely, efficiently and on time.

Auge Co is the perfect company for all your San Antonio cold storage needs.

Operational Excellence

Family owned and operated since 1996.

Square Feet
  • 15,000 sq. ft. dry storage
  • 20,000 sq. ft. refrigerated/freezer space
Satisfied Clients

Serving small and large customers across San Antonio, TX.

Satisfaction Gurantee

We guarantee 100% client satisfaction with no minimum charges.

Hemlock Hat Co

“Dear Auge Co, We would like to thank you
for all your help. We would not have been able to expand to Texas without your help.”

– Anthony Lora, Hemlock Hat Co

Food Manufacturer

“I wanted to personally thank you for all the help you provided my client. They were able to really grow their Texas business because of you"

– Ishan Jetley, Edeska LLC

Logistics Company

“You made every effort to store our perishable Avocado trailer and followed through all weekend to get the load to its correct destination.”

– Mary Belan, TLS Logistcs


San Antonio's most reliable and loved cold storage company.